Your Home Didn’t Sell? Why not and what you can do to different to get it sold.

The real estate market is hot in Phoenix, Arizona!

It has been hot for the last year.  We hear about multiple offers, cash buyers, bidding wars and crazy activity as soon as a house hits the market. Still your home was on the market 6 months and it didn’t sell. What’s baffling is it’s really nice and lesser homes have sold and closed while yours was available. With this many buyers in the market why didn’t yours sell?

There are only two reasons a home doesn’t sell. The price is too high or it wasn’t marketed correctly. Some say condition is also a factor but in reality condition can be accounted for with a lower price.  There is always buyers willing to fix up a place if they get a good enough deal that makes it worth their while to handle rehab work.

If the price is too high it won’t attract buyers. If you were going to buy a $45,000 Cadillac and someone wanted $55,000 for it you probably wouldn’t buy it. If you knew the price was too high you wouldn’t likely even take the time to look at it.  Same thing goes with a house for sale. In a hot market people will pay top dollar but if there are choices, all else being equal, the best deal will sell the fastest. The worst deal? It probably sits and if it does it can stigmatized by something called DOMS  or days on the market. Did you ever ask a real estate agent how long a house was on the market? Was it because you thought it got better with age? Of course not! If its been on the market too long something must be amiss right?

Do you have a competitive price and still no sale? Then the right buyers didn’t know about it. If a home is not exposed to the right buyer it could be perfect in every way and still not sell. If your price was good then consider what you or your agent did to market the property. According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) 98% of people  begin their home search online. Was your house advertised on the internet? Were the perfect buyers able to find it when they searched online?

A modern marketing plan should include using tools like Video,YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook,etc. You may have a hard time finding an agent that uses all these tools effectively. The majority won’t and that’s exactly why it works so well for those that do.

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