Wait Is Over For Many To Sell Home in Metro Phoenix

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The housing market collapse left many Arizona homeowners upside down on their mortgage over the last five years  For most who stayed put until values rebounded to sell their home the wait is over.

Reasons the wait is over:

  • As a result of a short supply of homes available for sale and a robust investor appetite for Valley properties the market has rebounded.
  • The median home-sales price  in metro Phoenix climbed a whopping 34% in 2012 according to The Arizona Republic’s Valley Home Values report. Some Valley zip codes saw greater than 40% increase.

People sell homes for a variety of reasons such as job transfer, loss of employment, divorce, upsizing and downsizing . For those forced to sell,  like due to a job transfer, or lost employment, during the time they were upside-down on their mortgage, had to face foreclosure or short sale or write a hefty check to sell their homes.

Many people who had the ability to stay in their home may now find the market has recovered enough to make a move. Did your family grow and you’re crowded in too small of a space? Maybe you’re an empty nester and sick of mowing grass and cleaning your pool. Whatever your reason now may be the time.

How do you find out if your home has enough equity to sell?

  • You could hire a licensed real estate appraiser and pay for an appraisers estimate of value.
  • Get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report from a Realtor.

A Realtor can also give you an idea of selling costs and calculate what you can expect to net from a sale. Most Realtors will be happy to provide a CMA and estimated net report for free.

Metro Phoenix Inventory is still low and demand is high. That may mean the perfect storm for selling a home in metro Phoenix. Homes are selling fast and for top dollar. Maybe the time is right to make the move you been waiting for?

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