Should I keep or sell my rental property?

Should I keep or sell my rental property? This is a great market for sellers right now in Phoenix. If you have a property that has gained equity through appreciation and you want to tap into that, now is a great time to sell because you can get top dollar in the shortest period of […]

Your Home Didn’t Sell? Why not and what you can do to different to get it sold.

The real estate market is hot in Phoenix, Arizona! It has been hot for the last year.  We hear about multiple offers, cash buyers, bidding wars and crazy activity as soon as a house hits the market. Still your home was on the market 6 months and it didn’t sell. What’s baffling is it’s really nice […]

Want the Best Deal on Phoenix Real Estate?

The Best Deal on Phoenix Real Estate starts with keeping up to date on the constantly changing real estate market. If this blog is more 6 months old when you’re reading it, current times may be different. Tex called me to inquire about a property ad I had running in a home guide. I told […]

How to buy a Foreclosure or REO home

So you want to buy a foreclosure? Why wouldn’t you? Everybody knows Foreclosures are deals! Right? Well, sometimes, yes they are. But just because a property is a foreclosure or REO does not necessarily mean it’s a deal. If you want to buy a foreclosure that is a deal here’s some things you should know. […]

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Underwater? What you need know about Short Sales

The USA Today, a national newspaper, ran a front page article in July 2005 declaring Gilbert,  Arizona the fastest growing city in the nation. It was as if someone flipped a switch and turned on the housing market in Phoenix. A major frenzy ensued for about the following 18 months driving home prices higher at a […]