How is the Arizona Real Estate Market REALLY Doing?

By: Lynette Carrington The Arizona real estate market has been nothing short of depressing in the past seven years. Particularly, Phoenix and the surrounding areas did not do well when the nationwide downturn in the economy hit some years back and we suffered one of the worst declines in home values of any market area […]

What does the future real estate market look like in Arizona?

  “What does the future real estate market look like in Arizona?” It’s bright! The Phoenix housing market is really hot right now because there’s a lot more buyers than supply of houses for buyers. So that’s driving our market up a lot. The big thing in Arizona is our climate. We have great weather […]

Underwater? What you need know about Short Sales

The USA Today, a national newspaper, ran a front page article in July 2005 declaring Gilbert,  Arizona the fastest growing city in the nation. It was as if someone flipped a switch and turned on the housing market in Phoenix. A major frenzy ensued for about the following 18 months driving home prices higher at a […]