Hey Arizona Home Sellers, Quit Picking on American Veterans!

There’s a travesty occurring in Arizona!  A travesty against our greatest National Treasure, U.S. Veterans! Veterans deserve our utmost respect. You’ve received emails and seen posts on Facebook from friends and family that tug at your heart strings. Stories of soldiers back from a tour of duty overseas. Heartwarming welcomes and families reunited after being […]

Safety and Security Tips for Home Buyers

When moving into a new home, it’s a good time to assess your family’s safety needs. A person’s home should foster a sense of peace of mind. Worrying about hazards and crime doesn’t make for a relaxing environment. With a little effort, those worries can be lessened dramatically. The first step in the process is […]

The Home Buying Process in 5 Easy Steps

Thinking of buying your first home in the Phoenix area? Here’s 5 easy steps to Buying a Home   Remember all the fun times you had while going to school? All the great friendships, picking teams in Phys ed class, your favorite teacher and the teacher you couldn’t stand? Remember all the scary coming of […]

Best House Deal in Arizona in 3 Magic Words

3 Magic Words say all you need to know to get the Best House Deal Ever in Phoenix, Arizona! You were tired and feeling bloated from all the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes all smothered in gravy. Its Thanksgiving alright! This was the year you were going to pace yourself. You only had one […]