Selling a House? How to Maximize Your Profit

The internet changed everything about marketing real estate!

It was a great year! You paid your dues. All the effort, all the hard work and the long hours paid off. Finally, somebody recognized your talent and you got the big promotion you had been hoping for. You call your wife with news, “Honey, we are moving to Arizona! Start looking for a house.” You haven’t even hung up the phone and she’s already started the process. She’s already on Google: Chandler homes for sale > enter.

Cards, flyers, email blasts, door hangers, Just Listeds, MLS tours, print media, home guides and the like are methods used to advertise homes for sale. What do they all have in common? They don’t work. In the past they worked. But this is the age of technology. When was the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages to find a business? What do you do with advertisements you receive in the mail? Do you enjoy the door hangers and flyers on your front door? Do you trash or recycle?

According the National Association of Realtors or NAR today greater than 90% of people begin their home search online.

Want to get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time when you sell your house? Expose the information to the people who want it most. List it with a Realtor that utilizes the internet effectively to market their listings to get that exposure. What does “effectively market” mean? It means they know how to get the property information found by people looking for it. A common mistake made by real estate agents is they focus too much effort on getting themselves found as opposed to the property found. Consumers go online to solve a problem, answer a question or get information. If they are searching for a 4 bedroom house with a pool in the Kyrene School district and what they find instead is an agent bragging site that person is going to leave. They want to see pictures and details of houses that meet their criteria. When they find a match they will contact and do business with the agent 80% of the time, according to NAR.

How do you find an agent who can get you the best exposure? Google loves unique. Ask prospective agents what they do that sets them apart from the crowd. Ask how they will get your home found by the perfect buyer who’s looking online. Then ask them to show you an example. If it’s not obvious you have the right person for the job continue your search. You’ll know when you have the right guy.

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