Sell My Tempe Home: Tips for Selling Your Home in Tempe

Sell your Tempe HomeThe real estate market in the Phoenix Metro area is robust, and the value of homes has risen. If you’re looking to sell your Tempe home, now is a great time.

Understand the potential buyers
Given that Tempe is part of a thriving area in Arizona, it’s no surprise that people want to purchase a home there. The area has a strong public school system, multiple options for higher education and career training, employment opportunities in large corporations, and a variety of recreational options, including Arizona State University (ASU) football games, fine arts performances, outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking, and multiple shopping malls.  The year-round sunny weather is a big draw, too.
People ranging from parents with young children to couples on the cusp of retirement are drawn to Tempe.  When selling your home, consider what the layout of your property and the neighborhood it’s situated in has to offer prospective buyers; for instance, think about its accessibility to public transportation, or its proximity to downtown Tempe, popular shopping centers, ASU’s campus, or recreational hotspots such as Tempe Beach Park. Work with your real estate agent on highlighting these attributes.

Price it right
A good Tempe realtor will be able to advise you on setting the right asking price for your home. If you price your home too high to begin with, it most likely won’t sell and might linger on the market. When you eventually lower the price, prospective buyers might think you’re getting desperate. Getting a realistic assessment of the price of your home, given its size, features, the neighborhood it’s in, and the current state of the market, is of vital importance.

Prepare your home
When prospective buyers arrive at your home, they want to see a clean and lovely house and property. Every facet of your property – from the front lawn, to the front door, to every space in the interior, and the backyard – needs to appear inviting and in good condition.  Some tips for preparing
your home include:

  • Get rid of clutter Make sure that shelves, cupboards, and closets are cleaned out.  Put in storage any extra furniture that might make a room look too crowded or small. The key is to give your house a spacious appearance and present prospective buyers with a clear picture of what they could do with the space in your home.
  • Clean and refurbish Take care of stains on the floor, walls, or carpeting.  Dust the furniture and ensure that every room is tidy and smells good.  Fix anything that’s falling apart, inside or outside the house.  Get the windows cleaned, so that prospective buyers can enjoy the natural light in your home.  If your house looks a little rundown on the outside, you might consider getting it painted.  Update and renovate.
  • Spruce up your yard Colorful flowers will enhance the curb appeal. Ensure that the lawn is cared for well, not brown or overgrown. Remove anything, such as spare tires or random children’s toys, that clutter the yard.  
  • Set the stage for showings  Open blinds  and drapes, turn on all  lights, turn on soft music and get out of the way. If you are leaving for any length of time time during showing hours stage the home for showing even when you don’t have any appointments. The perfect buyer may show up at a moments notice. So be ready just in case. When agents arrive vacate and take your pets with you. Leave the selling to the pros. If you are there buyers will keep important feedback to themselves and prevent their Realtor from addressing concerns and overcoming objections.

Selling your home requires serious preparation and forethought, but with today’s market, your extra effort will be rewarded with a great price for your Tempe home.

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