Best House Deal in Arizona in 3 Magic Words

3 Magic Words say all you need to know to get the Best House Deal Ever in Phoenix, Arizona!

You were tired and feeling bloated from all the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes all smothered in gravy. Its Thanksgiving alright! This was the year you were going to pace yourself. You only had one plate of this delicious blend of almost sinful goodness that, oddly, you only eat once per year. Then just when you began to get a second wind, out came the pies, ice cream and goodies. Yes, you knew the “slivers” of indulgence were adding up. Still you went to the well one too many times and you paid for it. The worst part? The Black Friday sales started Thanksgiving night this year! You felt fat and crummy but you wanted the deals and knew to get them you had to get there early. Because everybody knows the first people through the door get the best selection of “limited quantities” of the store’s “Loss Leaders”. Show up late and there either won’t be any or the price was raised on the items you wanted most.

Want the best deal on a house? GET THERE FIRST! That’s the key to getting the best deal on nearly anything. Real estate is no exception. The best deals get scooped up quick. Every day is Black Friday for Real Estate.

So you do it. You get there first! Now what? Say you were the first person through the door of Best Buy on Black Friday. You waited all night in line, next to a guy with body odor, to get your chance at one of only 3 Samsung 60” Plasma TV’s on sale for $799. Luckily, nobody sprayed the line with pepper spray, nobody got trampled, no fisticuffs erupted and you’re first! What would you do next? Would you browse around the TV department and think about it? Of course not! You’d load it into a cart and guard it with your life until you pay for it, right?

Getting there first doesn’t mean anything if you don’t take action before the competition arrives. The main reason for my successes in real estate is my ability to act fast when a deal presents itself. An experienced Realtor will know how to write an offer contingent on a due diligence period and value. If you determine the property has problems you can’t live with or isn’t worth the agreed purchase price you can cancel the contract and get your earnest deposit refunded. In the meantime your competition is eliminated. If you find a bargain, buy it!

Realtors network with each other to sell their listings. We have advantages that are not available to the general public. Most Realtors are highly skilled at their craft and an excellent resource for their clients. Want to GET THERE FIRST? Hire a quality Realtor that knows how.

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