Annual Spring Time Festivities in Tempe Good for Living In Tempe

Our thought is that, when considering making a big real estate purchase, it helps to know a bit more about the city to which you’re looking.  Specifically, few folks want to move to a new town and find out that life there is only slightly more interesting than watching paint dry.  So we’d like you to know about some of the annual events that pop up in spring time in Tempe.  With yearly traditions like these, it’s easy to see why Tempe is tempting.

Aside from a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration and all the potent potables that brings.  Tempe, has The Agave on the Rocks, in it’s 11th year and held at the Desert Botanical Garden in late March, which is a celebration of Latin culture.  You can be Irish one week and Latin the next, as you’ll have the opportunity to sample many different cocktails, most of which feature tequila, and the price of admission also includes unlimited samples of the gourmet cuisine from the famous Valley restaurants in attendance.  You’ll also get to enjoy a wide variety of music, from traditional bands to modern DJs.  And while the Desert Botanical Garden is normally a great place for the entire family, this event is just for those 21 and over.

Those of you who don’t want the kids to feel left out won’t be lacking for a major event either.  Also in late March is the Annual Arizona Dragon Boat Festival, held at Tempe Town Lake.  Hundreds of teams from around the world take to the water, paddling their dragon-adorned boats as fast as they can.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land aren’t left out; there’s also fine food, fun merchandise and lively entertainment.  Special Olympics Arizona is the official festival beneficiary in 2013, as it was in years past, making this event not only fun but for a good cause as well.

Finally, one thing to know about Tempe is that it loves art.  You won’t get a better reminder of that than with the Tempe Spring Festival of the Arts, now in its 36th year!  During the first weekend of April, expect nearly a quarter of a million people to head downtown for this major event.  Free to the public, it will fill the downtown with vendors, street performers, live entertainment, and more!  Plus you can swing up to the associated Arizona Wine Festival for a sample of the Arizona Wine Growers Association’s best work.  Seriously, what’s fine art without a little wine to go with?

This is just a part of what living in Tempe has in store for its residents; dynamic festivals, vibrant cultures and a dedication to the arts.  If you’re ready to make your move here, please do not hesitate to fill out the form below to talk about whether Tempe is right for you and your family.

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