The Benefits of Living Off Campus & Homes Near ASU

There are many homes near ASU available. The choice to live off campus is a big decision. Let these advantages of living off campus help inform you as a parent or as a student. According to, there are six main perks to living off campus.

Cost is, of course, the main issue. Splitting the rent with a few roommates can save you money. Buying a home in the right location can save you money on transportation. Also, having a place to cook your own meals will save money on food. This method of living is cheaper than living in a residence hall.

Privacy is a huge advantage. While living in a dorm, there are many distractions. Living in a home can offer the proper atmosphere to study, sleep, shower, and live in a peaceful environment.

Gain life experience. Having the responsibility to pay bills, commute, cook, clean, etc. can be an aid in a young person’s life. What better time to start learning?

Another thing is that credit can start being built. Start off on the right foot. Buying a home can boost your credit score if the mortgage is paid in a timely manner. Parents can help buy a home as an investment for them and a way to help you start a strong credit history before you get out of college.

Owning a home is great for students who live far away from family. Having a home to live in during the summer will make life easier. There is no need to worry about summer classes, holidays, and such times when the residence hall might be closed.

Diversity is another great instrument for character building. Living off campus can offer access to a variety of families and people who you might not meet while living in a residence hall. Interacting with local employees, families with children, the elderly, etc. can be eye-opening.

Other things you can do before you buy a home off campus is to make a list of pros and cons, set a realistic budget, and start looking early as good housing goes fast. Let this be an opportunity for becoming independent. Please, contact us about homes near Arizona State University.

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