Why Buy a Home in Tempe Arizona – Some Tips

Now is the time to buy a home. According to Homes.Yahoo.com, the projected one year market value change in Arizona is expected to sky-rocket. There are over fifty thousand homes for sale at a median price of $147,000. A few of the top cities in Arizona to buy a home in are Tempe, Chandler and Mesa. […]

The Home Buying Process in 5 Easy Steps

Thinking of buying your first home in the Phoenix area? Here’s 5 easy steps to Buying a Home   Remember all the fun times you had while going to school? All the great friendships, picking teams in Phys ed class, your favorite teacher and the teacher you couldn’t stand? Remember all the scary coming of […]

Want the Best Deal on Phoenix Real Estate?

The Best Deal on Phoenix Real Estate starts with keeping up to date on the constantly changing real estate market. If this blog is more 6 months old when you’re reading it, current times may be different. Tex called me to inquire about a property ad I had running in a home guide. I told […]